Felt Creative is a design-driven marketing and branding agency located in the heart of the Midwest. We help brands embrace the innovation of Facebook Messenger in order to craft a unique, personalized experience that engages users in a whole new way.

Strengthen Your Connection

We create a truly engaging experience for your brand using Messenger, and personalize the brand experience to each user.

A Truly Rich Experience

Using a conversational interface gives us the ability to add rich media like audio, video, and photos.

Let People Discover

People are constantly searching for the next great brand, often relying on influencers. With Messenger, people can discover for themselves what makes your brand unique.

Build a lasting relationship with your users through conversation.

Felt Creative conceives, launches, and scales conversational experiences for your brand. These experiences build a strong relationship between your brand and your users.

Discover for Yourself

With 1.2 billion monthly users and 80% open rates, Messenger is one of the most powerful new tools in digital marketing.

Best of all, since we're experts in the Facebook Platform we have the unique ability to keep up with the seemingly constant changes Facebook has.

Of course, sometimes the best way to experience something is to try it yourself. We built the Felt Visitor Guide for exactly that reason.

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